Setting the position

Fonts must be placed at exact integer values (except in Macromedia Flash MX 2004*)

Use the Info panel or the Text Properties panel to round off any numbers in order to ensure that the fonts are 'sitting' correctly on the whole pixel. Manually adjust the values and erase any fractions. For example, if the text would have fallen on the 'Y' value of 149.5, you should delete the 0.5 so that the 'Y' value sits exactly on 149.0, as shown below. The same applies to the 'X' value. Also, you must ensure that the point of registration is always top left. The black square MUST be in the top left corner as shown below.

* When using regular pixel fonts (not Super Pixel Fonts) in Macromedia Flash MX 2004, you may omit the positioning guidelines and simply choose "alias text".

Note: If you are publishing for the Flash 6 player or below, the "alias text" option will not work for dynamic or input text fields. In such cases, you should adhere to these positioning guidelines.