Working with movie clips

Text used inside a movie clip should be positioned according to the same guidelines outlined previously. When placing the movie clips on the main stage, the X and Y values of the movie clips themselves must ALSO be rounded off to the whole pixel. If you have several movie clips, one inside the other, ensure that all text placement and movie clips follow the guidelines described in this userguide.

Be careful not to resize the movie clips at any point. Sometimes Flash may slightly resize your text fields or movie clips (due to a bug). Check in the transform panel that your text fields and movie clips are all at set at 100%. If they are not, please press the reset button in the transform panel (shown below). Sometimes, even if the values are 100% you may need to press the reset button as Flash may not always show the correct values.


NOTE: If the text is in a movie clip which contains other elements (symbols, movie clips, etc.), each and every element in that movie clip must also be placed on the whole integer.

Let's imagine that you have 3 MC's (movie clips) laid out in this way:

MC#1 - Contains MC#2 and MC#3
MC#2 - Contains MC#3
MC#3 - Contains no other MC's

You must start by placing everything on the pixel (a whole integer) from MC#3 out. It is important that as you fix MC#3, you reposition MC#3 in MC#2 to be on the whole integer (as it would have shifted). After fixing MC#2, you should reposition it too to be on a whole integer. Finally, reposition MC#1 to be on the whole integer.

Be careful not to resize the movie clips at any point.